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The Zero-Budget Guide to Photographing Artwork

If you've attempted photographing your artwork in the past, you've probably noticed a number of issues: uneven lighting, incorrect colors, and glares and shadows. Read more →

How to Photograph 600 Pieces of Art in a Few Days

We get a lot of questions about how Patrons’ Show photography happens, so we made a short guide. Read more →

Email Newsletters for Artists in Three Steps

Whether you have an old email list you need to dust off, or you need to start collecting names from scratch, here's how to start. Read more →

What To Post (and What Not To) As an Artist on Social Media

Social media can be a very useful tool for growing a strong community of followers — if you tend to your networks regularly and in the right way. Read more →

33 Ideas for Artists’ Pinterest Boards

You know about the basics — inspiration, portfolio, works in progress — but sometimes "inspiration" isn't quite as enticing as "scarey bunnies" or "That Seventies Board!" Read more →

A Wintry Mix of Artful Links

Videos, how-tos, and nearby and online exhibits await. Click away! Read more →