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Sketchbook on Steroids: Art on the Go With Your iPad

Bobbi Pratte (click for full size)
Bobbi Pratte (click for full size)

We have a new workshop at The Art League focused on a medium many artists are still exploring for the first time. Art on the Go … With Your iPad is coming up April 27.

The instructor, longtime Art League teacher Bobbi Pratte, sent us some images she painted on the iPad (see above and below), along with this note:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Barbara Pratte
Subject: ipad workshop info from Bobbi Pratte

Here are three images that I created on the iPad. The first two were done on an airplane trip back from San Francisco … always get a window seat! The third one was created on the beach in Fort Lauderdale FL.
Below is a little blurb on the subject …

Plein air, the iPad, and You

What does new technology mean for the traditional plein air painter, the artist who loves to set out for a morning of painting, armed to the teeth with paints and brushes?

We don’t have to stop all that or make too many changes if we want to embrace the new technologies. The iPad can help you become a better traditional artist in many ways.

You won’t always have your paints and brushes with you, but chances are you’ll have your iPhone or iPad. Sometimes the iPad is the only medium that you can turn to.

The iPad can be used for working plein air where traditional mediums would be too cumbersome or simply not allowed. I have used it at concerts and social events. I traveled with it through Eastern Europe, using it in castles and cathedrals. I’ve also used it on buses and airplanes. Do you have a long trip coming up, where you have to travel light and traditional art supplies are out of the question?

When you return to the studio, you will have unlimited information with you. Color studies, sketches, concepts and much more will be on your iPad, the sketchbook on steroids.

Also this Spring:

  • Painting with Pixels with Nancy Freeman: a nine-week course covering both Apple and Android apps
  • Photoshop Workshop with Alison Duvall: a four-day workshop on Adobe Workshop Creative Cloud
Bobbi Pratte - iPad
Bobbi Pratte
Bobbi Pratte - iPad
Bobbi Pratte

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