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How to Price Your Artwork: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you new to exhibiting and selling artwork? Here's our advice for this tricky process. Read more →

Taxes for Artists with Richard Kamenitzer

Taxes for Artists One of the biggest hurdles artists have wrestle with every single year is filing their taxes. Between choosing which Schedule to fill out, how many qualified deductions one can make, and deciding if ones studio practice is a bona fide business, artists make many common mistakes when reporting to Uncle Sam. Read more →

The Business Side of the Art: Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, November 17th6:30pm @ the Torpedo Factory Art Center 105 N Union Street, Alexandria Speakers with years of experience in the local arts community will discuss how their organizations are able to forge partnerships with the business community and the mutal value that such partnerships bring. Panelists: Deborah Tomkins Johnson, Senior Manager, Dominion Power Read more →