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The event is finished.

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18th Biennial Ikebana Show


May 10, 2020 - June 7, 2020

The Art League is delighted to again welcome the Washington, DC branch of The Sogetsu School for our 18th Biennial Ikebana Show. Ikebana is a Japanese artform of sculptural flower arranging that highlights the coalescence of flora and vessels. While the presentation has changed this time the elegance and creativity of the arrangements is always a wonder to behold. Here, art dances with nature. The twirl of a branch mimics the arc of a painter’s brush stroke; the choreography of an azalea sprig recalls a figure in motion. This year, peonies, lilies, and hosta leaves—among many other splendid blooms—remind us of the joy and abundance of spring, and the inspiration we find in nature’s glory.

More about Sogetsu Ikebana:
Recognized as a sculptural form of art, Ikebana, has over 300 schools of thought. Sogetsu Ikebana is a three-dimensional artistic expression composed of flower and plant material arranged in a container. Sogetsu promotes an Ikebana of no limits, in which plant materials of any type may be used and displayed anywhere and in any circumstance. Sogetsu does not encourage students to emulate nature; they encourage students to use lines, hues, and masses provided by nature to inspire their own creations. Combining the arrangements with two and three dimensional artwork results in stunning, contemporary installations.

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Exhibit dates: Sunday May 10-June 7
Juried by: Sogetsu School Members

Meet the Juror

Members of Sogetsu DC

A small group of Sogetsu teachers met in 1976 with the goal of forming a Sogetsu Branch in Washington D.C. The branch has now grown to over 80 members and meets throughout the year for workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions. The branch has elected officers approved by Sogetsu Headquarters.

There are also committee chairmen who along with the officers and  the immediate past director form a board of directors. Meetings are held in both Virginia and Maryland and on weekdays and Saturdays in order to enable more people to attend.

The members of the branch are active with activities year round. We have regularly scheduled meetings and study by attending classes and workshops locally, in other states and Japan. We sponsor one or two exhibitions each year. Our members give demonstrations of Sogetsu Ikebana throughout the metropolitan area and beyond, and our certified teachers teach classes

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