51st Annual Patrons’ Show Fundraiser

51st Annual Patrons’ Show Fundraiser





The Art League’s Patrons’ Show Fundraiser is an experience that’s part fundraiser, part block party, and totally fun. It’s The Art League’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and it provides seasoned art collectors and newcomers alike with the great opportunity to acquire high quality, original fine art at a bargain price while supporting a great non-profit organization and community of artists. For each ticket drawn, ticket-holders go home with a work of art valued anywhere from $225 to upwards of thousands of dollars.

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First Choice Raffle Prizes:

1st piece called: Danni Dawson for Shell with Tea Box, $3,000 prize. Patron: Mary Hanna

2nd piece called: Stephen Procopio for Nowhere to Rest,  $3,000 prize. Patron: Christopher Yee.

3rd piece called: Cynthia Grisdela for Sunset Horizon, $3,000 prize. Patron: Mary Ellen Hackett

2019 Patrons’ Show Award Juried Winners

Clemente Best in Show for Contemporary Realism

Susan O’Neill, La Spada, #250

La Spada by Susan O'Neill
La Spada by Susan O’Neill

Clemente Faculty Award

Jacqueline Saunders, Livia, #175

Jacqueline Saunders Livia

The Patrons’ Show Brenda Kollman Award for Best in Show for 3D Artwork

Kathlyn Avilia-Reyes, Lily, #467

X | Kat Avila | Lily | Ceramic | 26x14
Kat Avila, Lily

TFAA Artist Award

M. Alexander Gray, Hardware River Aqueduct III, #483

M. Alexander Gray| Hardware River Aquaduct III
M. Alexander Gray, Hardware River Aquaduct III

Van Landingham Awards

Wendy Donahoe, Market Day, #246

Wendy Donahoe, Market Day
Wendy Donahoe, Market Day

Mike Francis, D.C., #181

Mike Francis, D.C.
Mike Francis, D.C.

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