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Eyes of the Wild by Berit Jarama Estabrook





From the Woodland Caribou, enwreathed with mighty antlers, to the puckish Arctic Fox, Berit Estabrook’s mystic paintings capture the spirit of the wilderness in vivid, untamed acrylics. Released onto large canvases, Estabrook’s Northerly creatures gaze at the viewer with serene, wise, willful Eyes of the Wild. The exhibit will be on view at The Art League Gallery May 8—June 2, 2019.

However clouded the future of these creatures seem, Estabrook is not without faith, commenting, “I have high hope in people’s sanity and love. But we have to start our efforts now. Or yesterday.”

Berit Jarama Estabrook, born in Mexico of Peruvian and Norwegian parents, spent her youth in Sweden. Her multi-cultural background has made for a lifelong exploration of roots and identity. The presence of nature makes her feel at home wherever she is, and the animals in her life have always been considered family. Her current work focuses on animal conservation and advocacy. Presently, she lives in Virginia with her family.

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