Little Winter 2023 miniature exhibit

Little Winter 2023 miniature exhibit




Little Winter 2023 miniature exhibit

Previously known as Petite December, Little Winter is an annual exhibit of miniature artwork.


 No theme is required for works submitted. Works do not have to be framed! Artworks are larger than 5”x 8” or 40 square inches. 
-All Works are priced at $150 or less
Works are chosen by the selected juror’s curatorial vision and aesthetic.
Best in Show: “Sparrow” by Mary Beth Gaiarin
Lead image by Melissa Hentges

Online Exhibit

Meet the Juror

Blake Gore

“Combining endless curiosity with an eye for detail, I create miniature art using a .15mm pen nib and minimalist canvases. Often drawing inside only an inch or two, I’m inspired by the challenge of creating more with less. Hand-drawn with no magnification or eyeglasses, my miniatures demonstrate how constraints can enhance creativity.”

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