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The event is finished.

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Patrons’ Show 2021


February 20, 2021


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Patrons’ Show Awards 2021

Juried by: Linda Brinker Hafer

Congratulations, Artists!

Sikich Best in Show: $3500

#331- Bev Ryan “Flirtation”









Sikich Faculty Award: $2500

#22- Jinchen Han “Charles Bridge, Prague”









Sikich Torpedo Factory Artist Award: $1000

#203- Gretchen Raber “The Wright Stuff”














Brenda Kollman Award for 3D Work

#204- Chris Malone “Looking Forward, Looking Back”

Brenda B. Kollman Award was founded by Jerry Kollman and named in honor and memory of his wife, Brenda B. Kollman. Jerry shares: “Brenda loved Raku because each piece is a one-of-a-kind expression and different, because of the interplay with natural elements, earth, air, fire and water. Her oil paintings are a wonderful extension of her Raku. Brenda would never want an award named after her; that is my idea to keep her memory alive. But an award in 3D, to expand, educate, and highlight other artists who use different materials, patterns, cross-current, composition and expression? She may have said: ‘three words, fab-u-lous.’ ”


Van Landingham Award: $250

#299-  Mary Eggers “Bhutan Dreamer” 

The Van Landingham award is named in honor of Marian Van Landingham, who, as the president of The Art League, spearheaded the founding of the Torpedo Factory Art Center in 1974. She is also a former Virginia state delegate and a current Torpedo Factory artist. 2020 marks her 53rd year as a member of The Art League! This award is funded by The Art League.


Mary Ann Stevens Legacy Award (2): $200 each

This award memorializes Mary Ann Stevens, one of the original Torpedo Factory artists who helped found the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Stevens’ creative talent and prolific career as an artist lives on through her artwork. Best known for her portraiture, primarily in oil, her work was frequently featured in shows throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia as well as The Art League’s gallery and the Target Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center.

#239- Lori Simmerman Gall “Aldie, Creek Farm”

#375- Janise Sherfy “In My Dreams”


Honorable Mentions

*These awards celebrate artwork that the judge deems worthy of honorable mention.

# 2 Susan Herron, “Cyclamen Waltz”

#88 Betsy LeBleu Curry, “Campfire Embers”

#128 Alex Tolstoy, “Carrots”

#135 Patsie Uchello, “Green Apples and Irises”

#180 Ed McCluney, “Olive Grove”

#198 Jackie Saunders, “Peonies, 2019”

#201 Blair Meerfeld, “Large Kitchen Knife”

#218 Nicholas McGaffin, “At the Light”

#229 Julie Flanagan, “Reagan International Airport in Spring”

#278 Lisa Schumaier, “Way Finding Goat”

#263 Marcia Jestaedt, “Lalea Orchids”

#267 Berit Jarama Estabrook, “La Puerta VII”

#376 Nancy McIntyre, “Jesse’s Ice Cream Place”

#271 Eleanor Kotlarik Wang, “Spring Medley”


Geri Gordon Award: $250 

#109 Marsha Staiger “Swim Out 17, Yellow Corner” 

*awarded to artist chosen in the First Choice Raffle

The Geri Gordon Award was founded by Sara Glendinning loves “all things creative” and has enjoyed collecting art for many decades. Sara has been an avid supporter of The Art League since 2002, when she met Geri Gordon. Geri’s kindness toward Sara during a difficult time sparked Sara’s connection and dedication to The Art League, and her long standing friendship with Geri. Geri’s generosity toward others inspired Sara to start the Geri Gordon Award in Geri’s honor in 2002. Geri also celebrates 51 years with The Art League this year!


Sikich Collector Award: $1000 each

#514 Danni Dawson “Pink Roses” (oil, 16x18in.)

*first artwork chosen/drawn for the evening

#70 Cindy P. Richmond Lady in Lavender (Oil, 36x24in.)

*second artwork chosen/drawn for the evening

#76 Brenda Barthell “Paris Rooftops” (Acrylic, 27x20in.)

*third artwork chosen/drawn for the evening

Sikich (formerly Halt, Buzas & Powell) is a longtime corporate supporter and sponsor of The Art League’s Patrons’ Show Fundraiser. This year’s awards are a testament to Sikich partner Andy Powell’s many years of generosity and cultural spirit.


Here is the full list of artworks that have been selected for the 53rd Patrons’ Show!


Click here to view the artwork on Flickr!

The Art League’s Patrons’ Show Fundraiser (Saturday, February 20, 2021) is an experience that’s part fundraiser, part block party, and totally fun.

It’s The Art League’s biggest fundraising event of the year, and it provides seasoned art collectors and newcomers alike with the great opportunity to acquire high-quality, original fine art at a bargain price while supporting a great non-profit organization and community of artists. For each ticket drawn, ticket-holders go home with a work of art valued anywhere from $225 to upwards of thousands of dollars.

Click here to download or update The Art Thief app on your iOS device


How Does it Work?

This annual event features 500+ works of original fine art donated by League and Torpedo Factory artists, and the number of tickets sold matches the number of works donated. The show may be viewed online beginning January 1, 2021, and in-person at The Art League Gallery on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

Ticket-holders have longer than in previous years to view work online and in-person before the virtual event, for a safe, socially-distanced opportunity to study the artwork and note their favorite pieces, in preparation to have their list of favorites ready to submit before the event.

On the day of the Patrons’ Show Fundraiser drawing (Saturday, February 20, 2021), the excitement is palpable. Tickets are randomly drawn and when the name of each ticket-holder is announced, their favorite available work will be assigned to them! In addition to the artwork, ticket holders may win other valuable prizes donated by local businesses.

All proceeds go to benefit The Art League’s educational programming, exhibits, and community outreach programs. Please contact The Art League Gallery (703-683-1780) for more information about this entertaining event.

If you are a League member, TFAA artist, or Art League Faculty member, and would like to donate artwork, here’s the lowdown: for each piece of art you donate (valued at $225 or more), we sell one $225 ticket to the Patrons’ Show to help support our operations. It’s our biggest fundraiser of the year—and the reason our doors stay open! This year, more than ever, we need your artwork donations. Ready to hang artworks can be dropped off in the gallery during our open hours, which are currently Wednesday-Saturday from 11:00 AM-5:00 PM and Sunday from Noon-5:00PM. Those who donate two or more framed pieces can also donate unframed works to the show. We also need donations of frames and glass that are 16″ x 20″ or larger. Please call or e-mail The Art League Gallery (703-683-1780 | gallery@theartleague.org) to coordinate or find out more!

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