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Robabeh Riasati – Color and Emotion


September 10, 2021 - October 3, 2021

“A major skill in the art is to understand light. In this body of intuitive abstract paintings called “Color and Emotion”, I covered the ground of the canvas with a neutral gray made from translucent prime colors. The dark mixture appeared cool in some places, warm in others as I created my geometric forms. Knowing that the inverse relationship between light’s wavelength and its frequency determines how the optical spectrum is perceived, I glazed layers of a highly transparent medium mixed with oil paint in order to change the visible spectrum of light reflected from the canvas. Depending on my intent, I have used magenta, crimson red, cyan, yellow, Prussian blue, or Viridian green.

My art is intended to spark ideas about how we connect with our experiences and our feelings, and to kindle thoughts about how we are the same in our global environment.”

-Robabeh Riasati

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