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Gallery Shop​

Welcome to The Art League’s shoppable online Gallery. View our monthly juried shows, and other special exhibits! Our physical locations are now open, but the items on view can be shipped or scheduled for pick up as well! 

Featured Exhibits

Coming soon!
May 6 - July 3

Browse Art Works






Welcome Spring by Kristi Dobrovolski
Lady in a Yellow Skirt by Rana Geralis
Backyard Beauties by Barbara Dove
Umbrellas in the Rain by Barry Dunn
Color After Color by Maruka Carvajal
Smithsonian Tree Art by Gaetana Ebbole
Pastoral by Karen Wallace Chambers
Aerial by Sandra Emme
Gazelle by Stephanie Chang
Got It? by Berit Jarama Estabrook
Dierdre by Deborah Conn
Brown Bottle by Keith Fairbrother (SOLD!)
The White City by Anne Corson (SOLD!)
Edsel Repair by Dede Faller
Ins and Outs by Camilla David
Mopani, Spider & Drift Wood by Amanda Fletchersmith
What Is An Individual? by Martin de Alteriis
ROUND-ABOUT by Octavia Frazier
Reflections by Yasmin Bussiere
Joyful by Daiva Balkus
Musings by Susan Canuteson
Bitterroot by Sally Ann Baynard
Emerald Hummingbird by Cecilia Capestany
Puglia Tree by Christine Bernstein (SOLD!)

How it works

Our physical locations are now open, but the items on view can be shipped via UPS or scheduled for pick up as well. The gallery staff will reach out to you upon purchase to make arrangements, or you may e-mail for any inquiries.

Give the gift of art!

A gift card can be used for any purchase at The Art League Gallery, School, or Store, including: classes & workshops, original art, artist membership, travel workshops, and art supplies.