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Your commitment to The Art League is an investment in the future of the visual arts. As we navigate a rapidly evolving world, your support becomes the compass that guides us towards the artistic possibilities of tomorrow. Are you prepared to shape the future of not only your creative journey but also that of your community?

In a time of constant change, our unwavering mission and belief in YOU, our vibrant community, remain steadfast. Your contribution is not just a financial investment; it is a pledge to uphold the creative values and dreams that bind us together.

Explore the many ways you can make a difference by supporting us. Delve into the sections on the right to discover how you can actively contribute to the thriving artists and makers of all backgrounds at The Art League. Together, let’s chart a course towards a future brimming with artistic expression, cultural discovery, and shared creative community.

The Art League thanks the following foundations, grantors and sponsors for their vital support and endorsement of our programming.

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Making a Difference

The Art League was selected for the 2022-23 Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington. 

The Catalogue strives to “shine a light on smaller, community-based nonprofits where your contribution really makes a difference.”  


Your generous support of The Art League enables us to meet our mission through a breadth of visual arts programming during another exciting Fiscal Year.

Great courses, facilities and instructors. I love the Art League.

Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to become involved in the arts, and The Art League provides a fun, relaxing, and welcoming place to do so!

We’re all seeing the massive impact that COVID-19 is having on our daily lives—personally, professionally, and creatively.

Things are changing quickly but one thing that has not changed is our mission and our belief in YOU, our creative community.

Your generosity and creative spark are what make The Art League’s exceptional programs possible and broadly accessible. We gratefully welcome contributions of every kind and encourage you to be an enduring part of our mission. We invite you to explore our giving options, such as the Annual Fund or Seurat Society, to find the perfect fit for your philanthropic goals.

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Your help is needed to support The Art League’s future!

Your support of The Art League reflects where you envision the world of creativity will take us tomorrow. Are you ready to map the future for your — and your community’s — creative life?

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