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Painter Lisa Neher on Fair Valley

“All my best paintings are second, third, or even more images painted over an original that didn't quite make it.” Read more →

Artist Opportunities #273

Every Tuesday, we gather a variety of artist opportunities around the DC area and beyond. Find one below and enter today — good luck! Read more →

Guest Post: John Gosling’s “Faces of Alexandria”

This is a guest post by John Gosling, whose exhibit "Printed Art: The Potomac" is open through Monday, June 1. Read more →

One Month Until Art Camp!

To start the countdown, here's a video featuring cartoonist and t-shirt designer Cole Goco. Read more →

What is a Monotype?

You'll find this term everywhere in our catalog of classes, but do you know what it is? Read more →

Meet Alice Kale, Our Newest Watercolor Instructor

You've seen her artwork in the Gallery, you've met her at opening receptions, and this summer you can start taking classes with Alice Kale. Read more →