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Gallery & School Closed July 4

The Art League is closed Saturday, July 4, including the Gallery and all Saturday classes. That means you only have Friday, Sunday, and Monday left to see these exhibits! Read more →

Our Field Trip to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Some of The Art League staff took a little field trip today to the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. There are only a few days left, so if you’re interested in crafts, be sure not to miss it! Tin sculptures, retablo (portable wood and clay altars), ceramics, incredible carved gourds, weaving, chicha printing, painting, musical instruments, Read more →

Three Books on the Met

This is a guest post by Caroline Town. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #278

Every Tuesday, we gather a variety of artist opportunities around the DC area and beyond. Find one below and enter today — good luck! Click here for recent opportunities posts, and submit your opportunity listing here. Read more →

Quiz: Meet New Gallery Director Whitney Staiger

As The Art League’s newest Gallery Director, Whitney Staiger has a lot of responsibilities: finding exhibit jurors, communicating with member artists, managing exhibits and events — and answering questions for blog posts. Read more →

Watch: Woodblock Printmaking in Action

Last month, we visited the class Print Like the Masters to see some examples of intaglio printing. In Ed McCluney’s class, Woodblock Printmaking, students explore the other type of printmaking: relief prints, created by removing the parts that won’t be inked. Get a taste of what that’s like, from cutting to inking and printing, Read more →