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Year of the Veteran: Art by Prisoners of War

“They were painted on whatever simple paper the artists could find and whatever paints/inks they could acquire from parcels that arrived from time to time from their families in Poland.” Read more →

Artist Opportunities #248

This week, we're thankful that there are so many local galleries and arts organizations to bring us opportunities like the ones below. Apply, enter, inquire — and good luck! Read more →

New Book on Fabric Printing at Home by Julie Booth

Fiber instructor Julie Booth has a new book coming out, and it's all about experimenting with fabric printing at home. Read more →

Wendy Donahoe talks Daydreams

“I decided against ‘Daydreamer,’ because I didn’t want to assign the figure an identity.” Read more →

Announcing the 2016 Solo Artist Exhibits

Congratulations to our 2016 solo artists! Of the 47 artists who applied for solo exhibits last week, our panel of jurors were able to pick just nine to put on the calendar for 2016. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #247

Apply for some art opps today! Exhibits, residencies, and more are below. Read more →