Happy [Art League] Volunteer Recognition Day!


Art League Volunteers are the best and *TODAY is Art League Volunteer Recognition Day! 

Thank you volunteers for your hard work throughout the year: From Patrons’ Show to the Holiday Ceramics Sale, to the Ice Cream Bowl Social, to the every day work you do in the gallery, school, and at Art League Events—we couldn’t do it without you!

*Unofficially….but every day is Art League Volunteer Recognition Day! 
Volunteers at Ice Cream Bowl 2018

Volunteers at Ice Cream Bowl 2018

Our Heroes: Gallery Volunteers!

Our Heroes: Gallery Volunteers!

Volunteers at Patrons' Show 2019

Volunteers at Patrons’ Show 2019

Interested in becoming an Art League Volunteer?

Volunteering is one of the easiest ways to become involved in the arts, and The Art League provides a fun, relaxing, and welcoming place to do so! Since The Art League’s inception, volunteering has been a mainstay of the organization, and we welcome you to browse the volunteer and internship opportunities below and join The Art League community. We’d love to have you!


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