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How “Natura Morta” Came to Be

Many artists have a back burner where they hold onto ideas for years. This one just took a little longer than most to make it onto canvas. Read more →

Terri Rea Paints “The Immigrants”

The Immigrants seemed to paint itself. Read more →

Artist Opportunities #403

The Torpedo Factory Art Center invites artists to submit proposals for the art center's common areas. Read more →

Previewing Our 2018 Exhibits

2018 is near! Here's some of what's in store in our gallery. Read more →

Everybody’s Drawing on the Weekend

Drawing is the foundation of artistic study. This winter, make it the foundation of a weekend well spent! Read more →

Artist Opportunities #402

The DC Department of General Services is commissioning permanent site-specific work in two and three dimensions. Read more →