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ART BITES: What Feeds Your Creativity?

In the new blog series Art Bites, we serve up an artwork in our monthly exhibit that makes us hungry to learn more. Read more →

4 Ways to Warm Up in Art Class

With Winter classes starting up soon, our minds are brimming with expectations and yearning for some creative warmth. Read more →

Feeling the Creative Heat?

Heat, it turns out, is also an important part of an artist’s toolkit. Read more →

Linda Lowery’s Screaming Newborns

We like to say the best artwork "speaks to us" — and sometimes, it screams. Read more →

New Encaustic Demo Video

Bev Ryan's workshop Introduction to Encaustic has been on our video wishlist for some time, and this month we finally made it in to take a peek! Read more →

See What Encaustic is All About

In an exhibit here at the Torpedo Factory, you can see all the different, beautiful ways students have used the color, texture, and translucency of wax. Read more →