Three September Photography Workshops

Photography by photography instructor Libby Cullen.

Photograph by instructor Libby Cullen.

Coming up early in September, The Art League’s photography instructors have a bevy of workshops lined up, including guides to photographing artwork and using Photoshop. Check out these three of interest for pros, beginners, and non-photographers alike:

  • Architectural Photography: This two-day workshop meets on-site at the National Museum of the American Indian on day one, with critique and editing on day two. Students learn how to approach architectural photography with knowledge of perspective, scale, lighting, and composition. Film and digital cameras are welcome. Instructor: Libby Cullen. Click here to register.
  • Photoshop Workshop: Learn the basics of Adobe’s newest version of Photoshop, Creative Cloud, in this four-day workshop. Students should bring a laptop with the free trial installed. Instructor: Alison Duvall. Click here to register.
  • Photographing Your Artwork: Quality images of your artwork are a must for exhibit entries, websites, and reproductions. Learn how to take great photos of your work in this one-day workshop. Film and digital cameras are welcome. Instructor: Pete Duvall. Click here to register.

(See the full list of Fall photography classes and workshops here.)

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