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Terri Rea Paints “The Immigrants”

The Immigrants seemed to paint itself. Read more →

Take a Tour of Karin Lithell’s “Home Sweet Home”

Guest post: As a Swedish expatriate and observer of human migration, Karin Lithell is concerned with the question of what makes a home a home. Read more →

What’s in a Bowl of Ice Cream?

Patrons get more than a bowl with ice cream, they get all the great, calm energy and enthusiasm baked right into the clay. Read more →

5 Things I Learned in Basic Drawing

As someone with a busy career and other life demands, I was feeling depleted creatively. Read more →

Repost: What To Post As an Artist on Social Media

Social media can be a very useful tool for growing a strong community of followers — if you tend to your networks regularly and in the right way. Read more →

Art of the Air: Fritz DesRoches on the Airbrush

I love the airbrush better than the brush because of the smooth transition of the paint to the canvas. Read more →