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Personality and Mystery: Hal Adkins’ Persephone

“Painting became the most exciting and satisfying thing I had ever undertaken, and I began thinking of myself as an artist.” Read more →

“Just People Making Things” in Our Newest Sculpture Class

With the right approach, anything can be an art material. Read more →

Escape with These ’Scapes

Two of our most popular exhibits celebrate place and space — landscapes and sculptures — and they come each year during a time when we're all looking for a little escape. Read more →

Guest Post: Stone Sculptor John Ploch

With abstracts, the mind can flow as the work flows. Read more →

Sculptors: One Month to Enter “Taking Shape”!

Entry is online only, and the deadline is Friday, July 10. Read more →

Q&A with Artist Barrie Ripin

I feel that each medium is an adventure and, at least in my mind, ‘feels right’ for certain subjects or my mood. Read more →