April 2019 Mixed Media Exhibit

April 2019 Mixed Media Exhibit





Oaxaca_161117#1, 11/17/16, 4:01 PM, 8C, 9000x11418 (0+395), 150%, Repro 1.8 v2, 1/15 s, R61.5, G36.1, B55.8

April’s exhibit will consist of Mixed Media work, referring to artworks composed from a combination of different media or materials. Artists are free to enter any current mixed media work made within 5 years.

View the show on Flickr here! 


The Art League Award for Best in Show

Teresa Oaxaca, The Salisbury Fool

Honorable Mentions

David Alfuth, Specimen Box No. 10

Judy Buelow, Protect Them All

Erika Cleveland, Raina, Everywoman is an Empress/Rhea, Mother Earth

Meri Giordan, I Give a Hoot!

Begona Lathbury, The Mage

Hernán Murno, Provencal Spring

Chaya Siegelbaum, He preferred poached

Steve Spayd, Comic Critic Conscience

Catherine Toulsaly, Zen Garden

Cristy West, Free for All

Meet the Juror

Lavar Munroe

Lavar Munroe is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation art, creating hybrid forms that straddle the line between sculpture and painting.

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