January 2024 Still Life Exhibit

January 2024 Still Life Exhibit





January 2024 Still Life Exhibit

This exhibit features traditional and abstract interpretations of the still life genre.


Exhibit Dates: January 10 – January 28, 2024


Awards: The Art League Award for Best in Show

“Pink Roses in a Mason Jar” by Vicki Blum


Juried by: Jorge Alberto


Lead image by Vicki Blum

Online Exhibit

Meet the Juror

Jorge Alberto

Jorge Alberto González is a Cuban realist fine artist. He emigrated to the U.S. with his family in 1965. His appreciation for art began as a child by looking at the work of the Old Masters. What inspires him is surrounding himself with the items he is going to paint, therefore creating a connection important to his work. After a career as a graphic designer, in 1991, he started attending the Schuler School of Fine Arts and studied with artist Ann D. Schuler. In 1994 he moved to Florence, Italy to further his studies. He has won many awards including the “Lorenzo il Magnifico” bronze medal at the 2001 International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy. His work is found in many residences in the U.S. and Europe and in several public collections. He lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, and paints under the name of Jorge Alberto.

In his paintings, he likes to explore the narrative of light and composition in contained spaces. Jorge Alberto gets inspiration from objects that have a history, a past. He looks for objects in antique shops, second-hand stores and yard sales, or sometimes borrow them from friends.

Jorge Alberto likes to become familiar with the objects he is going to paint, because of that he never uses them straight away, but instead he creates “short stories” by rearranging them in groups on shelves until a narrative emerges, which he then uses as the basis for a set-up.

Jorge Alberto likes to mix the old with the new, and prefer complex set-ups that are not organized in an orderly way. He feels that this creates movement and interest. The eye, traveling along the lines of the composition, creates a narrative between the objects.

Featured image: Adagio by Jorge Alberto

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