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September 2022 Open Exhibit




September 2022 Open Exhibit


Exhibit Dates: September 7, 2022 – October 2, 2022

Juried By: Aaron Morgan Brown


The Art League Award for Best in Show: “Cat” by Ganbaatar Choimbol

Honorable Mentions:

“Her Life is a Puzzle” by Sally Davies

“Door Between” by Theresa Esterlund

“Water Lily #45” by Steven Halperson

“Tightrope Walker” by Melissa Hentges

“Water’s Edge” by Daniel Horowitz

“Two Group” by Hyesuk Kong

“Wild Fire” by Michiyo Mizuuchi

“Spiraling” by Brittany Pratt

“Nancy” by Jane Thomas

“Little Pine’s Halloween” by Nina Tisara

“Marine” by Monzen Tzen

Open exhibits are not limited by theme, medium, process, or content.


Meet the Juror

Aaron Morgan Brown

“My paintings are pictorial orchestrations, views of an alternate interior universe that are sewn together from daily observations, memories, impressions of the world at large, cultural ephemera, and my imagination. They are both a prismatic lens through which I can re-view reality, and a transcription of my subconscious directives. I seek to illuminate intersections of the seen and unseen.”

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