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Pamela Day

I have been printmaking in the Discover Graphics Studio since 1985. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art (Painting) from Lawrence University, Appleton, WI, in 1975. I have continued my art education by taking classes through the Art League. Most of what I know, or at least remember, about art I have learned at the Torpedo Factory. I have met my best friends here.
I joined the Art League in 1986 and have been a member of the “Bin Gallery” since 1986. I was a member of the ”Hanging Crew” (to hang the monthly Art League shows) for almost 20 years. I have been in juried shows throughout the DC area and have received numerous honorable mentions, most notably:
¨Honorable Mention, Maryland Arts Association Works on Paper exhibit for monotype “Sweetest Little Heifer in Dixie” [1988];
¨Honorable Mention, Art League Gallery, American Landscape Show for pastel “Alaskan Morn” [1999].
;; My inspiration most often comes from photos I take while traveling and from my cats. If there is a theme to my work, I guess it’s cats. But I try not to limit myself. Printmaking has so many techniques and possibilities. Part of the challenge is choosing the right techniques to convey the mood of the piece, and so often one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re off on a tangent doing something totally different from what you started out to do.
After so many years of taking etching and monotype classes from long-time Art League teacher, Allan Kaneshiro, I began teaching in 2003.; I hope I can inspire others to love printmaking as I do.

Pamela Day
Pamela Day
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Pamela Day