Suitable Media

The Art League gallery will, under no circumstances, accept copies of other artists’ work. We also do not accept commercial reproductions or giclee prints of member artists’ original work.

Artwork produced by reproductive technology (commercial lithography, photography, xerography, computer-scanned laser or inkjet printing, etc.) is acceptable only when it is a) an original creation produced by means of technology having been used as a medium ONLY b) if based on a copy of one’s own work, which has been subsequently altered, the aesthetic impact (of the resulting work) must be substantially altered from the original.

Works entered in monthly shows will be required to describe mediums employed. The Gallery Director and staff may evaluate works seen and questioned at submission. These guidelines are on file at The Art League.

Acceptable and unacceptable media for submission

  • Painting & Drawing: original artwork by definition; not acceptable if it is a copy of any other published artworks or source photographs. Work that is still wet or in progress is unacceptable.
  • Printmaking: intaglio, etching, lithograph, monotype/monoprint, woodcut, linocut, screenprint are all acceptable when created/processed by the artist’s hand; not acceptable as copies of any other published works
  • Photography: unique photographed images are acceptable. Photographers are encouraged, but not required, to process or print their own work. Unaltered reproductions of pre-existing artwork are not allowed (i.e., you may not take a photograph of a painting — yours or not — and submit it as an original).
  • Digital art: Work that has been created by digital manipulation, whether initially scanned into or created within the computer. Unaltered or unsubstantially altered prints of pre-existing artwork are not permitted.
  • Collage (using copies of other images): Images must be used as part of a design created by the artist, and substantially different than any individual incorporated image.
  • Photocopies: Copies that are used as the basis for a new work of art must be so significantly altered as to substantially change the aesthetic impact of the original piece.
  • Commercial lithography, giclee prints, 4-color process: not acceptable for The Art League, even if the artist oversees/approves printing process and signs and numbers prints.
  • 3D/Sculptural Work: all 3D/Sculpture work are accepted including found object work, unless it is deemed functional; if the work is functional, all components must be made by the artist.
Fancy Free by Ann Ruppert
Fancy Free by Ann Ruppert

Become an Exhibiting Artist

Exhibiting Artist membership to The Art League gallery provides artists with the continual opportunity to have their work judged by esteemed local arts professionals, and to compete to exhibit their work in one of Washington’s largest art galleries.