ice cream bowl fundraiser Archive

A New 🍨 Record! 🙌

This year, you took home 1,881 bowls — another new record! Read more →

What’s in a Bowl of Ice Cream?

Patrons get more than a bowl with ice cream, they get all the great, calm energy and enthusiasm baked right into the clay. Read more →

Fear of Missing Art? Cure Your FOMA in September

F.O.M.A. (noun): “fear of missing art”; the nagging feeling that cool art events are passing you by. Read more →

Save These Dates!

Summer's not over yet, but there's no reason not to look ahead to Fall with all the great events we have lined up! Read more →

You Bowled Us Over

This past weekend was a blast: beautiful weather, good crowds, and art everywhere. And the cherry on top? Read more →

Ice Cream Bowls: Not Just For Ice Cream Anymore!

We'll let you in on a little secret: while these are officially ice cream bowls, we won't tell anybody if you use them for something else. Read more →