mixed media Archive

Octavia Frazier Feels the “Force”

"I like when people tell me they can recognize my mark in my artwork." Read more →

A Best-in-Show Painting That’s Wrapped Up in Red

“It was a challenge to create something that was monochromatic but interesting.” Read more →

Cities, Remixed by Heidi Nam

Like the cities they depict, these mixed media artworks are layered, built and rebuilt with deconstructed bits and pieces. Read more →

Where to Find Public Domain Images For Your Artwork

For creating a new collage, mixed media work, or even just painting from a reference photograph, the sites below will be a great resource. Read more →

Anita Bucsay Damron’s Tapestries in Glass

These tapestries aren’t woven — they’re pieced together from glass, metal, and found and reused materials. Read more →

Fierce Layers

Sonia's art career started with photography, and she has added layers — literally and figuratively — as time goes on. Read more →