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Photographer Gloria Spellman: What the House Was Saying

“I was not sure of what the house was saying. Since I was unable to pinpoint what I wanted to convey, finding the right composition was challenging.” Read more →

Memory and Grief in Soomin Ham’s “Sound of Butterfly”

When you're in a reflective mood, an art exhibit can be the perfect place to find some peace and quiet. Read more →

Repost: Artwork Photography Guide

If you've attempted photographing your artwork in the past, you've probably noticed a number of issues. We're here to help! Read more →

Fierce Layers

Sonia's art career started with photography, and she has added layers — literally and figuratively — as time goes on. Read more →

See “Hairtraits” by Space of Her Own

For the latest exhibit in our solo room, each of the 12 girls in the 2015-2016 Space of Her Own (SOHO) Old Town class used a film camera to create a series of portraits and “hairtraits.” Nakeya Brown, an award-winning photographer who is known for exploring the complexities and politics of African American hair in Read more →

Photographer Pete McCutchen’s “Radical Openness”

“Have you ever seen a child in a new place, eyes wide, looking around curiously?” Read more →