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Q&A with Award Winner Sheila Delaquil

At the Window, watercolor by Sheila Delaquil
At the Window, watercolor by Sheila Delaquil

If you recognize this artist’s name, it’s because she has been featured in this space twice before for two previous awards. Sheila Delaquil‘s two previous Q&As — which you can read here and here — were about two acrylic paintings with completely abstract compositions. This time around we talked about a watercolor with a slightly less abstract subject. At the Window, above, was awarded the Sid Platt Watercolor Award in this month’s “Body Language” exhibit, open through November 4.

How do you think an abstract painting like this fits into the theme of figurative art or the idea of “body language”?
Sheila Delaquil: My piece may be a more abstracted figure than other works in the exhibit, but from my perspective, figurative painting is always abstracted from life, unless the painter uses photorealism in their work or the artist is a photographer.

How does your creative process with a watercolor differ from your acrylic/mixed media paintings — do you have different goals?
Watercolor inherently has a mind of its own. Think free spirit. Although acrylic can be used in a very watercolor like manner. But no, the creative process is the same for both media.

What was your goal with At the Window? How did you arrive at these color choices?
My goal is always to keep in mind the composition and to stay centered in the process of painting, paying attention to what’s happening in the pieces. For me, what I need is a sense that everything is as it should be in the painting. I felt the colors were unusual but worked well together.

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