Fall Class Creations at #theartleague

With Fall classes drawing to a close here — at the best place to take classes in the DC area! — we’re already looking forward to Winter term in January and the rush of creativity that will bring.

First, though, we want to share some of the creations students posted from classrooms in the last nine weeks. Prints were made, paintings were painted, clay was thrown, and — well, you can see for yourself below. Check out the class catalog here, and share your own photos on Instagram with the hashtag #theartleague!

mad respect for etching after finishing this hamburger/lemon/pacman #dcarts #inkeverywhere

A photo posted by Natalie (@natzmagatz) on


@theartleague instructor Scott Hutchison demonstrated some palette knife techniques tonight. #theartleague @silentforms

A photo posted by Cathy Messina (@cathymessinaart) on

learning the basics with acid #etching #art

A photo posted by Natalie (@natzmagatz) on

Abstracting the figure night!

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#artsundays #theartleague #oilpainting

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Tonight, we paint flowers.

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