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Help Artist Ken Marlow Paint Again

By Ken Marlow

Ken Marlow is a renowned American painter known for his exceptionally realistic still life paintings and portraits. He studied at Yale University, apprenticed with Nelson Shanks, and then taught at The Art League school in the 1980s. Unfortunately, he’s suffered a series of devastating strokes, but Feldenkrais therapy has him holding a brush again. Donate to Ken’s GoFundMe page and help this amazing artist get the treatment he needs.

“In the galaxy of contemporary artists in the US today, Marlow looms as a rising star whose genius and creativity in the field of realism seems to know no boundaries.”

Hollis Taggart, President of Hollis Taggart Galleries. Exhibition catalog, 1992.

From Ken’s GoFundMe Page:

Ken suffered a serious stroke in 2013 and then a devastating stroke in 2015, leaving him bedridden, on Medicaid in a nursing home, unable to speak or swallow. He has only minimal mobility on his right side and is paralyzed on his left. Amazingly, his zest for life and sense of humor have remained intact throughout. Friends who visit him regularly are convinced this applies as well to his artistic genius, resting inside him, waiting to be re-awakened.

Recently, Ken has had private Feldenkrais therapy sessions, paid by a friend. These involve gentle physical manipulations of his body designed to awaken neural muscle connections. Ken has engaged in these enthusiastically and the improvement in the last several months is noticeable and encouraging. He can now hold a brush with his right hand and manipulate it to some degree. He desperately wants to paint again. But it is unknown how long the window for improvement will remain open.

Self portrait
Self portrait

The strategy is to increase the frequency of Feldenkrais therapy sessions and enhance their benefit with complementary speech and physical therapies and, possibly, sign language training. The aim is to reach the point where Ken can paint again and enjoy a fuller life in the near future.

These sessions are expensive and his resources are limited. Medicaid provides only the bare minimum – no physical nurturing, only basic sustenance. Funding assistance is urgently needed. Ken’s family, friends and supporters have already responded enthusiastically with donations from $50 to $5,000.

Any assistance you can provide will be most appreciated. As Ken’s abilities return, samples of his creations will be shared by email with all donors.

All funds will be directed to: TCVA, trustee for CCT, fbo Ken Marlow. This is a special needs trust which ensures Ken’s benefits under Medicaid will not be jeopardized.

By Ken Marlow

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