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Ted Reed

JD, Cum Laude, Havard Law School
AB, Studio Art and English Literature, Summa Cum Laude, Bowdoin College

Reed teaches painting at The Art League School. Coupled with his past life as a litigator, Reed is not one to fumble for words. He knows what he is doing, and is able to articulate it clearly and effortlessly as few artists can. Having attended the last half hour of his last demo we can attest that this is likely to be the best free art instruction you’ve ever had, or ever will have. If you haven’t overdosed on art by this point in your weekend, this one is highly recommended – and you finally get to sit down!
“Northern Virginia Art Beat” column of the Falls Church News-Press

Ted Reed is “one of the supreme masters of the technical aspects of classical realism” who also has “mastery of many other tools that a successful painter needs: composition, creativity and that arcane ability to grab something from the subject beyond just its likeness.”
Daily Compello Art News, Thursday, September 9, 2008

“Reed paints subjects not only in the flesh, but actively engaged in relaxed conversation. The result is an amazingly life-like visage that seems to live somewhere between the two- and three-dimensional worlds. He’s not quite up to Rembrant standards, but he’s getting close to it.”
Falls Church News-Press, September 18, 2008

A review focusing just on “Pippi Takes a Ride” saying:; “This is just not a painting of a deeply sensual woman dressed in tough biker gear; this is a work of art that steals a little bit of the soul and presence of the model and embeds it in the oil and medium and visual weight of the work.; WOW!; I was absolutely hypnotized by the work.”
Washington DC Art News, March 27, 2006

Ted Reed
Ted Reed
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Ted Reed
Ted Reed
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