Pottery & Ceramics

Pottery & Ceramics

The Art League School’s ceramics department provides a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere for students to learn the fundamentals of pottery. Beginners learn how to create basic vessels and forms on a potter’s wheel. More experienced students learn more complicated techniques in working with clay while focusing on design, glaze, and finishing techniques. Classes in tiles and mosaics are also offered. Courses are offered year-round, during the week, weekend, day and evening.

Pottery & Ceramics classes


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Open Studio Hours

For students currently enrolled in a ceramics class the open studio hours are on Saturdays. You must come to the open studios wearing your Art League proof-of-vaccination bracelet.

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SundayNo Open Studio
MondayNo Open Studio
TuesdayNo Open Studio
WednesdayNo Open Studio
ThursdayNo Open Studio
FridayNo Open Studio
Saturday8:00am- 8:00pm

Open Studio is $3/hr. Please come with correct change.

Tea Set by Handrian Mendoza

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