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Pay a Visit to this Abstract Villa

“I love to problem-solve which is fun in abstract art because it is easy to create unpredictable situations.” Read more →

Elaine Qiu: Painting as Calligraphy

"I believe every mark should have its own intention, and the way a mark is made is equally important as the final image." Read more →

Andrea Cybyk: What’s On the Surface

“From a few feet away, you can barely see the words, much in the same way that we’re all ‘fine’ on the surface even if, underneath, we’re not.” Read more →

Art of the Air: Fritz DesRoches on the Airbrush

I love the airbrush better than the brush because of the smooth transition of the paint to the canvas. Read more →

Karen Kozojet Ching on Pathway to Heiau

“I created a body of work as a tribute to my ‘ohana’s Hawaiian heritage. ‘Ohana means family.” Read more →

Painter Lisa Neher on Fair Valley

“All my best paintings are second, third, or even more images painted over an original that didn't quite make it.” Read more →