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Highest Honor Revealed

There's a new installation in the Torpedo Factory, and it's pretty hard to miss, no matter which floor you're on. Read more →

Meet Kathlyn Avila’s Zelda

With goat horns and a friendly smile, Legends of Zelda won the Monkith Saaid Memorial Sculpture Award in this month’s sculpture-only exhibit, “Taking Shape.” Read more →

Unbending Michael Price’s Single-Wire Sculptures

“After a while, all of the bends start to make sense as the final product grows nearer to being finished.” Read more →

Sculptor Caprica Peniza’s “The Last Woman”

The Last Woman is not only the first piece Caprica ever entered at The Art League. At one time, it was the last piece of her artwork she had. Read more →

Kathlyn Avila’s Extraordinary Women

“Iʼve always been fascinated with women who have exceptional knowledge and talents, whether it be a seamstress, a singer, or a grandmother.” Read more →

Personality and Mystery: Hal Adkins’ Persephone

“Painting became the most exciting and satisfying thing I had ever undertaken, and I began thinking of myself as an artist.” Read more →