Clay, metal, stone, wood, and wire are just some of the materials used by students and instructors in the sculpture department at The Art League School in Alexandria, VA. Whether you’re interested in working realistically in clay, or creating something modern and large in stone or metal, we have an instructor and class to match your vision. Sculpture classes are available for beginners and experienced artists, and are offered year-round, during the week, weekend, day and evening.

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George Tkabladze "Birth of Adam" Wood and Stone Sculpture
George Tkabladze "360 Degrees" Wood and Stone Sculpture

Sculpture instructors

Sculpture on the Creativity in Action blog

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“I worked as a garbage man for awhile. … One windy day, the swirl of debris gave me a vision of what could be…
Bacchus stranded in a dry county. Oedipus working on Wall Street. Achilles wielding a rifle….

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