Art League Exhibits

The Art League Gallery opens a new juried group exhibit every month, and solo artist exhibits nine times a year. (Members also exhibit framed and unframed work in our Bin Gallery.) We post photos, videos, and behind-the-scenes news from our exhibits here.

For gallery hours and info on current exhibits, visit the Gallery home page.

Artwork and Stories From Long-Time Art Leaguers

25 years. 45 artists. “Member 25” is on view right now in our gallery, celebrating some of the artists who have been exhibiting here for 25 years or more. As part of the exhibit, we asked the artists to recall stories from their time here, which we’ve posted on the walls. Here are five Read more →

“Habits” and “Member 25” Are Our First Exhibits of 2017

We're celebrating the start of 2017 with two new exhibits. Read more →

Jane Thomas’s “Raining Window”

There's no more quintessential wet-weather experience than staring out a rain-streaked window, and that familiar scene is the subject of December's award-winning watercolor by Jane Thomas. Read more →

What Sculptor Ann Ruppert Sees in Wood & Stone

If Ann Ruppert's wood sculptures seem to have been grown, not carved — well, that all comes down to how each sculpture emerges from the material. Read more →

Photographer Wil Scott on “Red Nude”

Red Nude represents the start of a new focus on people for Wil Scott, a photographer and art historian. Read more →

“Women’s Work” Opens Today

A new exhibit of four artists opens today. Read more →