Art League Exhibits

The Art League Gallery opens a new juried group exhibit every month, and solo artist exhibits nine times a year. (Members also exhibit framed and unframed work in our Bin Gallery.) We post photos, videos, and behind-the-scenes news from our exhibits here.

For gallery hours and info on current exhibits, visit the Gallery home page.

“Washington From Light to Night,” Mapped

Web Bryant's exhibit “Washington From Light to Night” looks at Washington, DC with a new perspective. Since you won't find these locations on a tourist map, we've made a map showing their locations. Read more →

Light and Realism in the Gallery

“Contemporary Realism” and “Washington from Light to Night” are open through October 6. Come join us tonight at Second Thursday for the opening reception! Read more →

Watercolorist Carolyn Gawarecki on Albuquerque Night

“I wanted to do a bold, strong, dramatic painting that would stand out with some twinkling colorful lighting effects.” Read more →

Artist Larry Fransen’s Kinetic Sculptures

“My journey to create wonderful objects that move began over three decades ago when I put together a wood shop. Building clocks seemed like a challenging goal.” Read more →

Q&A with Painter Leigh Culver

“In art, red autumnal leaves have always, perhaps rather tritely, symbolized the passing of time, death, beauty, fragility, etc. But when you are in the midst of experiencing it on a personal level, it resonates.” Read more →

Q&A with Artist Diane Blackwell

"I start with an assumption, an activity that’s been on auto-pilot, or current cultural events that need further review and question why they catch my attention." Read more →